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Exhibitors' Profiles of 2015

REAL WATER TECH CO., LTD.   RWT has been working on water treatment machines and provides the most cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems including water purify equipment, reverse osmosis system, RO water systems, industrial RO systems and ozone generator. RO Main System Industrial RO system purifies water and offers pure water for water store, school, food process and some other industry area use. Capacity 250 ~ 18000 GDP (gallon per day)

  RosfreiSteels, is a headmost manufacturer & suppliers of Liquid Storage Tanks and Grain Storage Silos. Our products are used in manufacturing and engineering industries & applications, where they have been appreciated for their sound performance. We present our clients with transparent business deals and offer the best storage solutions in tanks and silos. Rostfrei Steels started its Indian operations in the year 2004 with its manufacturing and marketing set up in New Delhi, India. With more than 4000 satisfied customers and approvals from globally acclaimed consultants. Rostfrei offers its products as per the design requirement under ANSI, DIN, EN.