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Exhibitors' Profiles of 2015

MANILA WATER COMPANY, INC.   Manila Water Company, Inc. is the utility company of the 180-year of Alaya Group in the Philippines. It is behind the successful transformation of the water utility sector in Metro Manila East Zone after it was privatized in 1997. It caters to the entire water value chain - development of bulk water supply, primary distribution and treatment, network distribution and maintenance, including leakage reduction and management, and used water collection and treatment.

As the best example of Public Private Partnership in the Philippines 18 years it started, Manila Water now operates in other provinces in Philippines. It has also expanded regionally into Southeast Asia, now as the biggest foreign investor in Vietnam's water Philippines, in Indonesia, and in Myanmar.

  MCM CO., LTD. is the best and specialised manufacturer of R/Omembrance and our group is top two largest manufacturer of water purifier in Korea. Core Capabilities of TFC Membranes. 1. FULL AUTOMATION product line (Annual Capacity : 2mil pcs). 2. CERTIFICATION : NSF/ANSI 58, NSF for PERFORMANCE, ISO 9001 & 14001. 3. Material : USA top quality membrane sheet. 4. 100% Inspection before shipment. MCM has been supplying for over 15 years to over 20 countries and our superior quality makes customer sales increase 5-10% every year. Moreover, you can reduce the Q/A cost innovatively with Zero defect MCM TFC Membranes.

  More than 35 years of water treatment experience in - SUgar Industry 0 Steel Industry - Cement Industry - Food Beverage Industry - Distillery Industry.

  W: www.mes.org.mm